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Paignton Academy Sports Hub

Devon, UK

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Sports covered

Rubb supplied a sports hub for Paignton Community and Sports Academy (PCSA) “the size of four normal sports halls” to accommodate a huge range of lessons and activities.

Funded by Sport England, the 42m x 69m BVE community multi-sports building, with 7.5m sidewalls, can cater for a wide variety of sports including badminton, netball, basketball, tennis, football, trampolining, and hockey. It can be converted to accommodate 12 badminton courts, eight basketball courts, three five-a-side pitches, eight volleyball courts or four tennis courts. The layout is interchangeable and dividable.

Fully featured

The Paignton Academy sports hub features steel clad sidewalls for added security, sidewall gutters for surface water drainage, a ventilation system which provides three-and-a-half air changes per hour, and—in a first for Rubb—an internal lift shaft accessible via a bridge from the car park.

The translucent roof provides a natural light and an airy atmosphere, and the sports hub also boasts Rubb’s signature hot dip galvanized steel frame and PVDF coated fabric membrane.

Spectator seating

Several years after the initial completion of the sports hub in 2010 by Rubb, Paignton Academy began to look to a second—and final—phase of the project: spectator seating. This was completed in 2015, taking just 3 months to finish.

Rubb’s future proofing on the original project allowed for such a quick turnaround. The 2010 design specifications featured a mezzanine floor, intended for housing mechanical and electrical services plant to prepare for a potential spectator area once funding was secured. The installed elevator was also designed with foresight, having the ability to reach the mezzanine level in preparation for its eventual construction.

The spectator area comes complete over 100 retractable seats, and features two heated spectator boxes.

Just like the original sports hub, the spectator area also secured lottery funding from Sport England. The project was also able to access the London Olympic 2012 legacy, and secured refurbished seating originally used in the Aquatic Centre at the Olympic Games.

Our PE department is buzzing at a new heightened level. We now have a multi-sports hub the size of four normal sports halls completed for us by Rubb.

The sports hub has dramatically increased the quality of teaching and learning within PE lessons, furthered our extracurricular provision and it provides a quality facility for hundreds of people from the local community every night.

It has been phenomenal, and the Rubb Sports Hub has made a massive impact on our pupils, staff, and local community.

PCSA , Associate Principal/Director of Sport David Carpenter

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