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RAF Akrotiri MQ-9A Reaper Sunshade

RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus

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UK MOD © Crown copyright 2023

Keeping cool

Rubb’s 18.2m x 18m sunshade has been protecting the unmanned MQ-9A Reaper RPAS as part of the Royal Air Force’s Op SHADER, combatting Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

Adapted from Rubb’s deployable EFASS hangar range, the sunshade protects personnel and assets from the high temperatures and powerful UV rays of RAF’s Akrotiri base, Cyprus.

Rubb’s sunshades are supplied in 18.2m spans and 4.5m modules. The standard setup is comprised of four 4.5m modules, but this can be extended or reduced to meet operational requirements.

UK MOD © Crown copyright 2023
UK MOD © Crown copyright 2023

10 years of operations

Supplied in 2016, the sunshade will continue to protect the RAF’s Reapers until they are replaced by the new MQ-9B Protector aircraft in 2024.

These will also be remotely operated by the RAF’s XIII Squadron, who have controlled the advanced ‘medium altitude long endurance’ aircraft since 2013, and are celebrating this anniversary.

This sunshade is just one of the Rubb solutions deployed in RAF Akrotiri, with several 20.4m and 25m EFASS hangars supporting essential operations in the Cyprus base.

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