Grey fabric storage facility for RAF Akrotiri
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RAF Akrotiri Storage Facilities


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raf akrotiri storage facility external

Rubb has supplied two structures for RAF Akrotiri: a climate-controlled storage solution, and an additional storage facility.

The storage structure—a BVR measuring 20m x 30m, with a 5m leg—is clad with 150mm Thermohall® and equipped with a full containerised HVAC system to keep its supplies safe from the hot Cyprus sun. Easy access is granted by its 5m x 5m roller shutter door, and a bright working area is enabled by 500 lux LED lighting.

The additional storage facility stands at 8m x 10m with a 3m leg. Multiple access points are provided by two 3.5m x 3.5m roller shutter doors, allowing convenient entry for personnel. Full 300 lux LED lighting is fitted, ensuring full visibility at all hours. Both structures feature galvanized guttering.

RAF Akrotiri is a key strategic Permanent Joint Operating Base, providing support in the region, as well as acting as a forward mounting base for overseas operations in the Middle East, as well as fast jet training. The base’s Griffin helicopters also support Cyprus’s local authorities with search and rescue operations.

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