Fabric water treatment liftable cover
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Rubb rises to challenge and provides unique liftable cover

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One of the UK’s most fast-growing facilities management service providers have been replacing an existing water treatment cover at their plant in the UK.

This unique and custom designed solution proved too challenging for many companies until the customer was advised to talk to Rubb Buildings Ltd. Rubb has earned a reputation for tackling difficult and unique projects. Over the years the company has developed substantial structures that can be moved on wheels or rails, or even lifted around a project site in fully constructed form.

The Rubb liftable cover project was a high priority, as the existing water treatment cover had deteriorated and needed to be replaced. Damage to the frame and cover (supplied by a different company) meant there was a risk of contamination, that the customer wanted to quickly eliminate. Rubb was tasked with creating a custom designed cover measuring 12.55m wide x 30.7m long. The structure required openings in the sidewalls and gable, through which existing pipe work could be incorporated. It was essential that this structure could be liftable and Rubb was able to meet this unique demand.

The structure type used in this project is a Rubb CXB. This structure design is more commonly used as a concrete curing cover or blanket. Having a very small leg height, this design is perfect for minimising the internal area, lowering the structure weight for moving and lifting and reducing construction time. The CXB structure is modular designed, so it was very easy for the Rubb team to construct the custom water treatment cover on site, then lift it into place, working alongside a local crane hire company and the Norse Environmental Services team. The framework of the building is constructed using hot dip galvanized steel.

The galvanizing process was performed after framework production to ensure maximum protection against corrosion and water contamination. Durable, lightweight PVC cladding was used to cover the liftable structure.

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