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Ascension Island Plant Storage Facility

Ascension Island

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ascension island rubb storage facility

Rubb has designed, constructed, and installed a plant storage facility for the Ascension Island Government.

The 18m span, 35m length, 5m leg BVR was installed on the mid-Atlantic volcanic island to supply the local government with a sturdy storage solution for several large pieces of construction equipment.

Easy entry for the equipment is provided by two roller shutter doors, each measuring 5m wide x 4.5m high. For personnel, there is a single access door to the front gable, and another to the rear.

The structure features Rubb’s durable steel framework, which is hot dip galvanized to protect from corrosion.  The frame is fully covered with a high tenacity, flame retardant PVC-coated polyester fabric, which has a life expectancy of up to 25 years. Goosewing Grey cladding was requested for this structure, as well as steel gutters to both sides.

The entire structure was shipped to Ascension Island in one 40ft and three 20ft side-opening containers in late 2019.

Installation was overseen by Rubb Site Supervisor Trevor Sarginson: “We were away for 46 nights with a three-day journey to get there and two days to get back. At first working in the heat was a challenge but we got used to it.”

The Rubb team included three additional personnel and they worked with a member of the local Government team to complete the project.

Trevor added: “The structure will be used for Government machinery and plant including cranes, cement mixers and similar equipment. The air is very salty and corrosive here, so the Rubb building will help protect the equipment and tools.”

While Trevor and the team were busy constructing the Rubb storage building, there was still opportunities for downtime too.

Trevor added: “Ascension Island is one of the best places in the world, with the best people who make you feel like family. We were close to the Green Mountain, the highest point of the island, which was a tropical rainforest. We had the opportunity to see the turtles nesting on the beach and their babies making their way to the sea. We even went fishing and caught a tuna and saw a Galapagos Shark. It was a real experience.”

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