us army gym facility in germany
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Rubb UK support US Army in Germany


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The US Army required a gym facility solution to be delivered quickly at a base in Germany, allowing troops to enjoy downtime under cover.

Working alongside US Military partner Cocoon, Rubb supplied a new structure to create an indoor gym for military personnel. Historically troops had been using gym equipment outside, exposed to the elements.

The new BVR structure measures 10m wide x 11m long with a sidewall height of 4m. This structure is covered in a sand coloured PVC fabric tensioned membrane, to blend in with other buildings on the army base. The building was constructed on an existing paved area – concrete foundations were not required. This was achieved by using Platipus Anchors to secure the building. The whole project was completed in 3 days by the Rubb UK construction team.

The building’s framework is hot dip galvanized, post production, to eliminate any chance of corrosion. The fabric has a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years, however Rubb buildings have been in use around the world and have been proven to last more than 40 years with the original PVC sheets. Rubb buildings are designed to British Building Standards or Euro Codes with regards to wind speeds and snow loadings.

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