Aerial view of fabric sports facility for Stourport netball club
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Stourport Netball Sports Club

Worcestershire, UK

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stourport netball club external

Rubb stepped up to the challenge to design a bespoke, purpose-built indoor netball dome for Stourport Sports Club.

The netball dome is the first of its kind in the region and provides first rate indoor facilities that can be used all year round. Predominantly for netball, the dome can also be used for tennis and other activities. The sports dome is the perfect venue for competitions, events and includes 1618 m² of indoor space housing two Tarmacadam netball/tennis courts and a spectator area.

Rubb was required to incorporate the overhanging eaves and verge features specified by the project architect. The eaves of the structure overhang the building sidewalls by 1.5m, and the gable verges of the structure are a reducing curve, projecting 2.8m at the structure apex, reducing down and meeting with the eaves projections at the sidewall.

Rubb Buildings Ltd also supplied the structure complete with sinusoidal horizontal steel cladding to a height of 3m. This provided extra security to the sports hall. Rubb was also responsible for the design and installation of the ventilation system, the main entrance doors, internal rebound walls, and the foam protection to the vertical structural steel members.

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