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Swan Hunter Ship Building Covers

Newcastle, UK

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swan hunters ship yard rubb buildings

For over 25 years the skyline of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, was dominated by the Swan Hunter Shipyard buildings located in the dockyards on the banks of the River Tyne.

Originally manufactured by Rubb back in 1982, the two rail mounted liftable structures measuring 27m span x 24m long and 11.5m high sidewalls, were often moved from shipyard to shipyard along the river by barge, and were used to house the ships and frigates being built by Swan Hunter during manufacture. The structures have since been dismantled and shipped to India where they will continue to be used by the shipbuilding industry.

The hot dipped galvanized steel framework of Rubb structures has proved to be long-lasting and durable — already 26 years old, the structures are still able to preform in the harshest of climates. The PVC fabric membrane was rolled up and reused once the structures arrived at their new destination.

The long life and continued re-use of these marine fabric structures is a further testament to the longevity, value and flexibility of Rubb structures.

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