Internal view of fabric sports facility for Taunton Vale sports club
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Taunton Vale Sports Club

Somerset, UK

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taunton vale sports facility

Rubb Buildings Ltd manufactured and delivered an indoor sports hall for Taunton Vale Sports Club.

The sports facility has a span of 24m and is 38m in length with 8m indoor sidewalls.

The multi-use sports structure features an inner-skin and insulation package, 3m high steel clad sidewalls, sports rebound boards both fixed and removable, a high class lighting system providing 750 Lux, a ventilation system and a gas fired Ambi-rad heating system.

The building was designed around the specifications for indoor courts as stipulated by England Netball. However Rubb also used design expertise to ensure that the sports hall may be used for other sports such as badminton, basketball, football, and hockey.

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