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University of York Multisport Facility

York, UK

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Rubb Buildings Ltd was selected to design, manufacture and construct a 40m wide x 55m long Sport Arena for the University of York.

The indoor multisport facility features an apex height of 13.4m and an internal clear centre height of 11.9m. The Mansard, multi-pitch roof provides an internal volume of playing space at 20,600m3.

The sports building includes a central, premier standard, multi-sports court for recreational and performance level basketball, netball, badminton, futsal and volleyball.

The area can be divided into three sections with vertical partitians, which can each accommodate a basketball or volleyball court or up to four badminton courts. The facility can also be transformed to create a full hall show court for all sports including basketball, which will be supported by drop-down basketball nets and three scoreboards.

The 6.7m high sidewalls and end gables feature 80mm thick steel cladding, and 200mm of Rubb’s Thermohall® insulated fabric membrane completes the roof of the facility.

Rubb’s brief was to provide a sports structures with a greater internal height clearance than an existing Rubb sports building. This would help the university achieve its aim of hosting more competitive sports events within the facility; with the main emphasis on badminton.

The new sports building also has an increased internal clear volume of 65% of the original Rubb temporary structure. The new facility incorporates many enhanced services and sporting equipment.

Gerfloor Taraflex™ Sport M sports flooring provides the highest level of performance, comfort and safety and 2.4m high rebound boards have been fitted to the full internal perimeter. The sports building also includes a storage room for sports equipment. One main glass panel entrance door, six double pedestrian doors and one 4m x 4m roller shutter door provide access and egress to the sports hall. A dividing partition has been constructed between the playing area and the viewing walkway. A high level, gas fired heating system and LED lighting system, both designed to Sport England specifications is installed in the sports facility.

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