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Veolia Environmental Services Recycling Building

Hampshire, UK

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veolia services storage facility external

Rubb provides BVE to waste management provide Veolia Environmental Services.

Veolia Environmental Services has firmly established itself as one of the United Kingdom’s leading waste management providers, offering an impressive range of waste management services and solutions to local authorities and commercial businesses.

Veolia ES Hampshire Ltd required a new temporary waste recycling building to handle the bulky items of civic amenity waste and road sweepings, totaling approximately 1,000 tons of municipal waste to be processed per week. Rubb Buildings Ltd was awarded the contract following a successful tender with Rubb being able to demonstrate an impressive track record in designing and supplying buildings in the waste and recycling sector.

Rubb provided a BVE type building, measuring 30m x 30m with 9.5m high sidewalls and five, 4m wide x 5m high roller shutter doors, allowing the flexibility for delivery and removal of material simultaneously. The construction included a 600mm concrete upstand to provide anchorage for the waste and recycling facility, with steel hoops for fabric attachment, and steel plates for framework attachment. The upstand is also designed to be removed when the structure is dismantled without disturbing the existing surface. Energy costs are lower because the need for artificial lighting is reduced in daytime hours thanks to Rubb’s translucent roofing system. In addition, the heat reflectivity of the white roof surface helps keep the building cooler.

Based in Portsmouth, the building is located in between the existing Veolia Environmental Services operated Energy Recovery Facility and the Materials Recovery Facility. This means the new building is easily accessible from and between both sites. The creation of the site allows Veolia to continue the innovative approach to waste collection, treatment and disposal ensuring that clients can take advantage of the most practical and sustainable waste management solutions.

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