Insulated grey fabric winter garage
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Rubb installs insulated winter garage in Giżycko, Poland

Giżycko, Poland

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insulated winter garage

Vehicles are sensitive to extreme temperature changes and humidity, so winter garages are essential to keep them safe and in top working order.

There is no better solution for this than Thermohall®, which played a key role in the success of our insulated fabric building installed in Giżycko, Poland.

Built as a garage for boats, yachts, and jet skis, the winter garage measures 24m x 40m and is insulated with 150mm thick Thermohall®. It is equipped with two sectional gates placed on opposite gable walls, allowing free access inside for the vehicles, regardless of size. The hot-dip galvanized steel frame and the insulated cladding were a perfect fit for the harsh local weather conditions, as the Masurian Lake District is a very windy area known for long snowy winters.

The outer layer of the cladding is gray, while the inside layer is white to reflect the light coming through its 8 windows, illuminating the interior. Over time, two display windows were added in the facade of the garage to provide more light to the office area, demonstrating the adaptability of Rubb structures.

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