Rent Rubb Structures

Rental of Rubb standard buildings can provide the client with affordable monthly costs to suit their budget, allowing customers to concentrate on their core business.

Rubb Buildings Ltd together with our sister company Renthall can provide opportunities to rent all sizes and configurations of building types. Rubb can offer our clients a range of services along with the structures to suit their specific requirements. This could vary from single skin simple storage solutions to insulated environmentally controlled sports facilities and aircraft hangars.

Standard warehouses and shelters are available to rent on a more temporary basis ranging from 12 months to 5 years and more. Explore our building options below and contact the Rubb team to discuss our rental packages.

Rubb Structures

Tha rubb shelter rental

Rubb THA

Rubb THA fabric shelter ranges from 6m wide to 12m. This shelter be used as temporary or permanent storage facility.

rubb rental hall

Rubb Hall

The Rubb Hall standard range of buildings is flexible, durable, portable, and designed for fast delivery at a competitive price.

Renthall FAQ

Is there an upfront cost?
There is no upfront cost at the start of the contract.


Do the monthly rental costs cover the construction and dismantle of the building?
Delivery and installation are included. The dismantling charge would be applied at the end of the contract, payable by the client. Rubb can also carry out the full installation.


Throughout the rental contract, does the building receive regular maintenance?
No. Any damage to the Rubb structure during the rental period is the responsibility of the client. Rubb can provide a Service Plan to cover all maintenance and light repairs during the rental period at an additional cost.


Is there a notice period to end a rental agreement?
Yes, three months’ notice is needed so Rubb can arrange the dismantle of the building. A client can continue to rent beyond the agreed rental period, this then becomes a rolling contract where a three month notice is still required.


Is there an option to purchase the building at the end of the rental agreement?
Yes, on a project-by-project basis.


Can a Rubb structure be modified during the rental term?
Yes. Changes to building length or door configurations can be achieved. This would come with an additional up-front cost or an increase in the monthly rental charge.



Additional technical information


What type of foundation is needed to rent a Rubb building?
Rubb structures ideally require a concrete foundation. Foundation anchor bolts, tensioning loops and drainage would be the responsibility of the client or foundation contractor, unless otherwise stated. We will be able to provide all relevant information about snow loadings and wind forces and also provide the client or foundation contractor with typical layout arrangements. On some occasions, the existing surface may suffice.


Who covers the cost of the foundation?
Any works that need to be undertaken to prepare the site for the installation of the rented Rubb building is independently financed by the client.




Structure Types

From shelters to aircraft hangars, any Rubb building can be rented. Below is a selection of our most popular structure types.

Rubb THA shelter profile
THA Shelter

THA Shelter

Rubb THA fabric shelter ranges from 6m wide to 12m. This shelter be used as temporary or permanent storage facility

Rubb Hall profile
Rubb Halls

Rubb Halls

The Rubb Hall standard range of shelters is flexible, durable, portable, and designed for fast delivery at a competitive price

Rubb BVR building profile
BVR Structure

BVR Structure

The Rubb BVR structure type features rectangular leg and roof box sections. Popular choice for bulk storage.

Rubb BVE building profile
BVE Structure

BVE Structure

The BVE structure type’s steel frame design maximises interior clearance and is popular for aviation, sports and storage applications

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