Rubb and Hallmaker hangars help European airports achieve carbon neutral goals

ACI Europe, European airport trade body, gave an update on the progress airports have made on their commitment to deliver 100 carbon neutral airports by 2030. The body revealed that it is halfway to its goal, with 50 airports across Europe declared carbon neutral.

Two of the carbon neutral airports are supported by Rubb and Hallmaker hangars.

The United Kingdom’s London Gatwick airport is home to Rubb’s easyJet hangar. The easyJet twin span MRO hangar measures 91.5m wide x 60m long, complete with 150mm thick Thermohall over a hot dip galvanized steel frame. The structure measures 9.2m to the eaves and 16.8m to apex of each span. Each front gable measures 45.7m wide and features a 41m wide x 13.5m vertical lifting fabric door.

Hallmaker—Rubb’s sister company—has a Norwegian Air hangar situated in Oslo airport, Norway. This steel aviation building of provides 14000 sqm of hangar and office space. The hangar building has a span of 99 metres and is 112 metres long. In addition, there is an administration and storage building of more than 3000 sqm.

A full list of the 50 carbon neutral airports can be seen here.

turkish airlines mro hangar

Talking to ADS Advance, the Director General of ACI EUROPE, Olivier Jankovec, said: “Just three years after committing to 100 carbon neutral airports by 2030, the European airport industry is now halfway through to achieve that goal. The 50 airports that have become carbon neutral under Airport Carbon Accreditation [and] welcome over one-fourth of the continent’s passenger traffic – with a mix of major hubs and smaller regional airports amongst them.”

The news comes ahead of COP25, the United Nation’s climate change conference, which is held on the 2nd to 13th of December.

Niclas Svenningsen, who heads the Climate Neutral Now initiative at the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat also spoke to ADS Advance: “We are delighted to see more and more airports in Europe achieving their hard-won carbon neutrality each year. We note that the momentum airports have created through their decade-long progress within Airport Carbon Accreditation has been further galvanized by the growing urgency to respond to the Climate Emergency.

“Europe’s airports continue to be an example to follow in the field of non-state action to address the climate emergency. While having their eyes on the big goal of reaching Net Zero carbon emissions from their operations by 2050, they continue their incremental work to reduce their climate impact. This, is exactly the kind of industry leadership we need to address the daunting and unprecedented challenge that Climate Change represents.”

newquay cornwall airport mro hangar with flybe plane inside

Rubb understands the importance of our role in the carbon neutral future.

Rubb facilities—temporary or permanent—can be relocated, adapted, expanded or dismantled and stored for future operations to suit changing logistical needs. They can also be sold to new users if no longer required by the existing owners. Rubb UK offers full refurbishment and recertification services.

We are striving to ensure our structures are fully reusable, as well as working on achieving 100% recyclability for all materials used.