Rubb at centre of new Aerohub plans

A Rubb building is about to touch down at Newquay Airport’s new Aerohub development.

Aerohub offers aviation and aerospace companies a unique operating environment. It is England’s only aerospace focused Enterprise Zone, with significant development land and access to investment. Aerohub is directly linked to the airport and also has very good road connectivity.

Aerohub is an ideal location for aerospace and aviation, aircraft testing and training, training (search and rescue), aircraft assembly or manufacture, maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft, military and civilian activity, business aviation and education including flight training.

Apple Aviation (AA), a successful, UK based aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company, has selected Aerohub as the location for its aerospace maintenance facility headquarters. The new facility, within the airport’s Enterprise Zone, provides a large, bespoke space for AA’s increased operations. This will include a Rubb aviation hangar which will provide 25,000sq ft of aircraft storage and maintenance space. The facility measures 47m wide x 50m long with 8m high sidewalls and an overall height of A 43m wide x 8m high Megadoor provides access to the hangar. This multiple door system features a central door section measuring 9m wide x 14m high to accommodate the tail height of incoming and outgoing aircraft.

The airport structure features Rubb’s traditional galvanized internal steel frame. The ‘BVL’ structure includes a lattice roof and leg section. Thermohall insulated cladding (150mm) completes the facility, providing a u value of 0.25w/m²k. Thermohall cladding is a composite structure consisting of a durable PVC layer and non-combustible glass wool high density insulation core inside an air-tight pocket and a self-cleaning PVC inner layer. The insulated panel system provides a full vapour seal which reduces infiltration losses, minimises thermal bridging, reducing condensation on framing members and improving insulation efficiency.

The building also includes six pedestrian doors and one 5m x 5m roller shutter door and LPG fired radiant heating supply and three IP65 400 watt floodlights above the hangar door. With clients including Lessors, Thomas Cook, Thales, DHL, ILFC, BMI Regional and American Airlines, Apple Aviation will be bringing an ever growing concentration of aerospace companies to Aerohub and plans to employ up to 30 highly skilled employees, including aircraft engineers, in the first three years of operation.

Bernard Longman | Commercial Director,Apple Aviation, said: “Newquay Aerohub has been selected as the site for our new MRO facility due to the excellent infrastructure which the airport has to offer plus the benefits of developing our new business venture within the Enterprise Zone. The MRO facility will include an aircraft storage and recycling area. AA look forward to building relationships with the local community and businesses in addition to contributing to the economy in the South West.”