Rubb Buildings Proud To Support Roses 2017

The Roses Tournament is an annual sports competition between the University of York and Lancaster University. It is organised by their respective Students’ Unions, YUSU and LUSU. It takes its name from the 15th Century civil war, The Wars of the Roses, between the House of Lancaster and the House of York.

University of York triumphs at Roses 2017

The atmosphere was electric as the University of York prepared to put on a performance in White Rose style at the opening event for Roses 2017.

Basketball was the showcase, opening event sport at the 53rd Roses opening ceremony hosted in the brand new York Sport Arena.

York and Lancaster battled it out in one of many big sporting fixtures over Roses weekend, with York making a dramatic comeback from 16 points behind to win 50-47, confirmed with the last shot of the game.

Head of sport Keith Morris said: “We built the arena for nights like this! To come back from 16 points down to win and the crowd reaction at the end was something that no one there will ever forget; it is one of my most memorable experiences working in student sport. The whole weekend was a huge success and was helped by maximising playing and spectator opportunities. By Saturday morning we had relocated the banks of seating to create further two show courts for a range of sports played over the rest of the event and meant that all sports had full crowds across the weekend.”

Following a weekend packed full of over 100 sporting fixtures, York went on the claim victory for the Carter James Trophy 206.5-159.5. Many of the other indoor events, including indoor hockey, netball, handball, badminton and volleyball were hosted inside the new Rubb designed multi-use sport facility.

The 40m wide x 55m long steel and fabric-clad structure was a focal point for much of the action across the University’s Sports Centre. The sports building features an apex height of 13.4m and provides a higher internal clear centre height of 11.9m. The Mansard, multi-pitch roof provides a substantial internal volume of playing space at 20,600m3. The structure is clad with Rubb’s insulated fabric cladding system Thermohall™, which helps support a climate-controlled environment suitable for indoor sports. The sports arena includes a central, premier standard, multi-sports court for recreational and performance level basketball, netball, badminton, futsal and volleyball.

Roses 2017 in numbers

  • The most exciting opening spectacle, with the York Basketball Men’s 1st team winning in the final 20 seconds, showcasing the new sports arena with over 1000 spectators
  • Over 4000 Roses Festival attendees, including the local community, students and University staff
  • 2300 participants across all fixtures
  • More than £3000 raised for York and Lancashire MIND (and still counting)
  • 132,828 page views of over the weekend
  • Over the weekend YUSU CS outlets served 5283 meals and 14486 drinks (average of 362 drinks for every hour of service)
  • Over 72,000 views on the official Roses 2017 video
  • Final score: York 206.5 Lancaster 159.5

Rubb was proud to support Roses 2017. The University of York Students’ Union hosted the event, which was partnered with both York Mind and Lancashire Mind in raising awareness and funding for mental health. You can show your support for this cause by making a donation here.

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