Rubb celebrates VE Day 2020

The Royal British Legion is calling on the nation to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day from home.

On Friday the 8th of May, we pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of the Second World War generation. As we face some of the most challenging times since the end of the Second World War, now more than ever it is important to unite in recognition of service to the nation, just as communities did 75 years ago.

With members of the public unable to attend VE Day’s 75th anniversary events, the Royal British Legion is playing a central role in the delivery of a range of remote activities, including a VE Day livestream and a two minute silence.

Rubb is proud to have supported the UK’s defence forces for more than forty years. The relationship first took off when Rubb Buildings Ltd supplied a storage building to the Red Arrows in 1979. Since then, Rubb military structures have been meeting expeditionary operation requirements all over the world. Rubb expanded its military portfolio with a range of aircraft hangars which developed into the state-of-the-art EFASS range.

In more recent years Rubb’s unique fabric engineered facilities have been deployed in Afghanistan as part of UK, Canadian and USA military operations, at Gioia del Colle air base in southern Italy as part of the NATO led Operation ELLAMY and used in anti-piracy missions by EUNAVFOR in The Seychelles. Rubb military buildings also feature at many UK bases including RAF Northolt, where MoD Typhoon jets were stationed to protect London in 2012. Rubb Buildings have helped defend crews from the elements and housed invaluable equipment in the field – including Bravo November, the veteran Chinook helicopter from the Falklands campaign which survived an attack during the conflict and went on to serve in Iraq, Northern Ireland, the Balkans, the Lebanon, Kurdistan and Afghanistan. In 2017 Rubb Military aircraft shelters played a pivotal role in the environmental trial of Typhoon aircraft at RAF Coningsby, UK. This trial proved that the use of TWE helps to decrease aircraft maintenance costs and maintenance downtime.

Key events which have consolidated and celebrated Rubb’s relationship with the RAF and RAF Squadron 5001 include many training events at Rubb HQ, the celebration of RAF 5001 Squadron’s 75th anniversary, commendations from the UK MoD for Rubb’s supporting role in Operation HERRICK, collaboration on many charity events including the commission of artwork featuring Rubb hangars, and of course working with many dedicated RAF personnel over the years.

Air Combat Service Support Unit 5001 Squadron routinely deploys around the world to provide and maintain expeditionary airfield facilities to support deployed air operations. The squadron has extensive experience working with Rubb military aircraft hangars and buildings.

Rubb Military EFASS hangar structures are now popular among a number of defence forces, including the UK, Canada, USA, Lithuania and UAE, due to their unique capabilities and capacity for rapid deployment, quick assembly, ease of dismantle, packing and storage, transportability and reusability for future deployments. They can also be supported by a refurbishment programme to enhance the long-term life cycle value of the fabric structure.

On this VE Day, Rubb continues to support our troops at home and abroad and pays tribute to our forces’ service and dedication in years gone by. Please explore more about how you can get involved here