Rubb EFASS hangars support key RAF operation in Yemen

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Rubb UK’s 20.4m-span EFASS hangars recently played a vital role in a significant operation based out of RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus.

Our deployable hangars housed four Typhoon fighter jets used in the strategic mission against Houthi forces in Yemen to safeguard critical sea routes in the southern Red Sea.

Rubb’s EFASS hangars are renowned for their robust features and rapid deployment capabilities, proving essential in keeping the RAF Typhoons protected and ready for action. This operation underscores the reliability of Rubb’s military-grade hangars in complex, international missions.

In addition to the rows of EFASS fighter jet hangars, RAF Akrotiri is home to a 25m-span EFASS and several Rubb sunshades which provide protection for the base’s MQ-9A Reaper and Watchkeeper RPAS.

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