Rubb Emergency Services Spotlight

Rubb is proud to support emergency services such as the police, air ambulance and fire service.

The National Police Air Service needed a new helicopter hangar after moving its Dorset base from police HQ to Bournemouth Airport.

NPAS hangar

Rubb helped NPAS meet that requirement with a custom designed helicopter hangar measuring 26m span x 17m long, with 7.5m high sidewalls. A Rubb Heli-Door in the front gable provides a clear opening of 21.5m wide x 5.5m high. The rear gable end includes a 4m x 4m roller shutter door and one personnel door. Each sidewall includes an additional personnel door for access and egress.

The Rubb BVE aviation structure features Rubb’s traditional galvanized internal steel frame and a tapered lattice leg design. The building is clad with durable PVC Ferrari fabric, providing Sargaso blue walls and roof.

Rubb also provided an aircraft hangar for the air ambulance…

Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance hangar

Rubb constructed a 20m wide x 33m long helicopter hangar from ‘legacy stock’ at the new LNAA base at RAF Waddington, south of Lincoln. The helicopter hangar features a clear door opening of 17.2m wide x 6.5m high.

Some alterations were made to ensure the hangar was suitable for the new location. Due to the nature of the existing ground at the proposed site, the Rubb design team had to modify the building gable end and door system to facilitate the ambucopter. A 4m section of the door track was removed and a wheeled system added to provide a flat ground surface at the entrance of the hangar.

Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance is a dedicated Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, funded by charitable donations. LNAA’s MD 902 Explorer helicopter can reach any point in the two counties in less than 20 minutes and on average can transfer a patient to hospital within 8 minutes. The ‘Ambucopter’, is fully equipped for medical emergencies. It is permanently staffed by two paramedics, and a doctor on occasion.

Rubb can also provide permanent, temporary or relocatable membrane- covered fire stations with flexible design options engineered to perform as well as traditional construction.

Rubb and RentHall have been helping support the fire service in Norway by providing a temporary fire station. Rubb AS and RentHall’s flexible rental building solutions have proven to be the perfect fit for the fire service’s needs.

storage relief wareehouses

Our emergency relief shelters can be easily transported and rapidly erected for worldwide emergency situations. They can also be dismantled, stored and re-deployed to meet later emergency requirements at other locations. Rubb’s larger softskin prefabricated structures can be used for emergency accommodation, storage of goods and equipment and protection of aircraft and land transport vehicles against extreme weather conditions.

Rubb emergency shelters can be packed into shipping containers and are fully air transportable for field missions worldwide.