Rubb goes to the ends of the earth for client

Rubb Buildings UK returned to the Falkland Islands this year – thirty years since it first made its name in military circles with its unique brand of robust and durable structures.

A company which specialises in marine services around the Falkland Islands welcomed the arrival of a Rubb BVR building for storage purposes in February 2011.

Byron Marine personnel were familiar with Rubb’s products which have had a presence on the Islands since the early 1980s. They were also impressed by the fact that the box sections characteristic of the BVR product could be packed into its own containers and shipped to site. The experts at Rubb also custom designed the foundations to suit the materials available at the final destination.

The 15m x 45m structure, with 5m sidewalls, features three access doors along its length. It is being used to store bags of cement and other chemicals for the oil industry.

Mike Luxton of Byron Marine said: “During and after the 1982 conflict, the RAF used Rubbs as hangars and for storage, so we were familiar with the products. I’m sure that, locally, there would have been some scepticism as to whether the buildings would last the pace during our winter! But history records that they are a robust and durable product. Durability, delivery lead time, speed of construction and competitive pricing were the primary reasons we chose Rubb Buildings. From our initial contact through to site supervision we found the quality of service to be excellent.”