Rubb hangar supporting CAE surveillance operations

Rubb won a repeat order from Luxembourg based CAE Aviation for three more 20.4m (66.9ft) span rapid deployment hangars.

CAE commissioned the Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter Systems (EFASS) from Rubb to house aircraft and operations in various locations around the world.

CAE is a European leader in intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance services (ISR). The company provides full turnkey air-to-ground surveillance and reconnaissance (AGSR) services for governmental and non-governmental organisations.

The company previously bought a hangar from Rubb to house two SA227 MERLIN IIIC aircraft on anti-piracy missions in the Somali basin.

The Luxembourg detachment was operating in the Seychelles as part of the EU operation ATALANTA, steered by the European Union Naval Force (NAVFOR). The first hangar, a 20.4m (66.9ft) span x 30m (98.4ft) long EFASS with Trident doors at both ends, was delivered and erected at Seychelles International Airport in Victoria.

Two further hangars featuring the same specifications have since been constructed at additional locations. The fourth, sand-coloured hangar has been deployed to Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella in Italy to support CAE’s operations for EUNAVFOR MED. Operation Sophia’s core mandate is to support wider EU efforts against human smuggling and trafficking networks in the Southern Central Mediterranean and prevent the further loss of life at sea.

Site Superviser David Cromarty oversaw the installation project, which was completed in less than one week of build time. He was supported by a construction personnel from the local area.

David said: “This type of hangar has been in service since 2004 and provides quick access and egress for the aircraft. These structures are reliable, rugged and can stand the test of time.”

Luc Audoore, Deputy General Manager of CAE Aviation, said: “We are happy to have received our Rubb.”

The EFASS aluminium framework has been designed to maximize strength, minimize weight and still be strong enough to withstand the most challenging environments. The tough insulated PVC covering membrane protects the aircraft, equipment and personnel inside.

Ian Hindmoor, Rubb Managing Director  said: “CAE came to us to order more hangars off the back of the successful Seychelles deployment. This hangar suited their requirements and they ordered three more structures featuring the same specifications to be installed in key strategic locations around the world.”