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Fire stations

Rubb can provide permanent, temporary or relocatable membrane-covered fire stations with flexible design options engineered to perform as well as traditional construction.


Low maintenance and costs

Our high-quality membrane materials and post-production galvanized welded steel frames deliver durability over time, making the cost of maintaining Rubb firehouses more economical compared to conventional structures.

Energy-efficient roof membranes

Translucent membranes allow natural daylight to illuminate the salt storage space while the white roof surface reflects heat. Optional Thermohall® insulation minimises heat transfer, prevents condensation and virtually eliminates thermal bridging and air infiltration.

Multiple door options

Knowing that reliable door operations is critical in all EMS environments, Rubb works with many entry system providers to offer a variety of door solutions. Doors can be designed to suit all opening requirements.

Rapid construction, installation, and relocation

Rubb firehouses and public safety buildings can be quickly erected, dismantled and relocated due to module pre-fabrication. Rubb can provide site supervisors or fully dedicated construction teams to complete any custom project.

Flexible and cost-efficient foundation systems

Rubb firehouses can accommodate numerous foundation options. Rubb co-ordination with the site contractor is key for the client to reach the most cost-effective solution that meets your unique needs.

Reduced time on-site

Our established supply chain streamlines coordination of delivery and installation. Prefabricated elements and the ability to construct our buildings regardless of weather conditions speeds up the construction process.

Comprehensive long-term service

Rubb personnel are on hand to provide help and support, from initial contact to quotation, installation and beyond. Rubb’s commitment to customer service continues after project completion and forms the basis for long-term customer satisfaction.

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