EFASS ballistic protection

Out in theatre, upgrading the protection for your assets is vital. Rubb can provide high-quality blast-proof ballistic protection panels to cover your hangar.

High-quality protection

Ballistic protection, developed in partnership with QinetiQ North America’s Technology Solutions Group, offers added protection for personnel and equipment. It can be easily installed and positioned in the most vulnerable areas when and where required. Kevlar® panels are supported in tracks on the internal walls of the blast proof hangars .

The Technology Solutions Group (formally LAST® Armour), is the largest fixed-wing aircraft armour producer in the US. The company makes a unique add-on armour appliqué system for vehicles and rotary-wing aircraft that can be installed without any cutting, welding or drilling on the base vehicle.

LAST® tactical vehicle armour kits can be sent forward to deployed vehicles and the simple installation can be performed by the vehicle crew itself. LAST® armour provides both external and internal ballistic and fragment protection that is lightweight, rugged and cost effective. LAST® Armour is attached using a patented high strength Velcro® hook and loop fastening system.

Ballistic panel specifications

Each individual panel measures 3m (10ft) high x 1.4m (4.7ft) wide and is offered in three levels of protection based on a fragmentation threat.

Standoff distances and recommended weights per square foot:

  • 15m – 4lbs/ft²
  • 25m – 2.7lbs/ft²

The panels slide into a Keder track and are overlapped and joined with high strength Velcro® on their vertical axis, they are also fixed at the base with webbing ratchet straps. Additional protection is available and is highlighted on armour.