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EFASS hangar foundations

Creating the best environment for your military operations is vital. This starts with your military hangar being fixed safely and securely to the ground.


Securing your military hangar

The EFASS range, like any other structure, must be securely anchored to the ground to withstand uplift, suction and shear from local wind loadings and the spreading effect from snow and imposed roof loadings.

In theatre, conditions may vary from virgin ground to reinforced concrete slabs ready to cater for building work. Rubb’s EFASS military aircraft hangars are supplied with their own integral foundation arrangements, which include various adaptations and accessories to securely anchor the structure to the ground.

Fixing arrangements

Having a fixed arrangement and a reinforced concrete slab is recommended, as most aircraft and vehicles require a solid base for operation and maintenance purposes, which in turn provides the perfect base for the anchoring solution of studs fixed with resin.

Ballast arrangement

Rubb can offer a ballast design solution if required. Ballast options are suitable for projects of a temporary nature where the existing ground is not suitable to support the building, or constructing new foundations is uneconomical and/or restricted by timescales. Rubb can manufacture specific ballast trays which connect to the building and house the ballast weights (usually in the form of concrete blocks). The amount of ballast required will be subject to the uplift and thrust forces acting on the column bases. The main advantage of ballast foundations is the speed of installation and the ability to reuse them, which makes them sustainably viable for short term deployments.

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