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Heli-Door system

This door has been specifically designed and manufactured by Rubb Buildings Ltd for military and aerospace projects and provides a robust and reliable door system. The EFASS helicopter hangar door systems are designed to be quickly constructed and used easily in the field to support all military operations. Rubb’s Heli-Door can be secured to the ground when closed with a ratchet strap system. This vertically folding door is electrically operated via two slow moving helical geared motors, with emergency hand operation capability.


Size specifications

The chart below shows the different specifications of Rubb Heli-Door systems.

Overall structure and clear opening sizes can be selected to suit operational needs.



Advantages and features


The Heli-Door is constructed using lightweight standard EFASS aluminium roof sections and features high quality PVC fabric folding panels.


The Rubb Heli-Door system is designed to European, CE-Marked standards and can be purchased as a stand alone product for military and commercial markets.


Using the same aluminium sections from the EFASS military structure, the Heli-Door is adaptable and interchangeable to suit changing requirements.


The design of the Heli-Door provides full protection from external environmental elements to all assets inside the hangar.


The Heli-Door has been designed with ease of operation in mind. Rubb Heli-Door systems can be opened and closed with a click of a button.

Electrical specification

The EFASS Heli-Door is electrically operated using high quality, military specified ‘plug and play’ wiring and components.

Self support / fixed

Rubb Heli-Doors can be used as a self supporting military hangar door using outrig tie downs. The doors can be configured to be fitted to a variety of structures.


Like the EFASS structure, the Heli-Door is constructed on the ground then lifted into place. No additional mechanical plant is needed.


As a stand alone structural item, the Heli-Door can also be designed to be retrofitted to existing hangars and buildings.


As part of the EFASS structure range, Rubb can provide special training for military personnel to enable them to construct and operate the Heli-Door.


The EFASS Heli-Door has also been designed with packing and transportation in mind. All parts are easily packed securely inside a 20ft ISO container.

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