Rubb paints the Toon blue for 45th anniversary

Founded in 1977, Rubb Buildings Ltd is celebrating its 45th anniversary this week.

To commemorate, Rubb chose Gateshead Council to light the iconic Gateshead Millennium Bridge in Rubb’s signature blue. Bathing the quayside in blue—we could think of no better way to celebrate our local heritage.

Gateshead has been an integral part of Rubb’s history, as Rubb has never left its Team Valley location throughout its 45 years. In 1977, the premises was surrounded by fields rather than the familiar business, industrial, and retail landscape of 2022. Now the location is home to Rubb Building Ltd’s design, steel, and PVC production—providing jobs for over 50 local employees.

45 years ago, industry innovator Finn Haldorsen started Rubb Buildings Ltd in the UK following success in his Norwegian homeland. When the company was firmly established under the leadership of then Managing Director Bill Wood, he moved to Maine, USA, and founded Rubb Inc in 1983.

Today, Rubb is established in Norway, UK, USA, Poland, and Sweden—with a worldwide reputation for excellence in engineering.

Our 45 years of excellence in engineering has cemented us as the industry leader in fabric tensile structures. Our wealth of knowledge and experience is down to our family business ethos and low staff turnover. The hard work and dedication of our employees has delivered amazing results for each of our 45 years.

We are proud of our history and very excited for what the future will bring.

Managing Director
Ian Hindmoor

Join the Rubb UK team in raising a glass of Rubb Gin to mark this milestone in our journey—here’s to many more!