Fire Safety

Proven Fire Safety Performance in Factory Mutual Test


To demonstrate the fire safety performance of a Rubb fabric building a full scale fire test was created. The building was cladded in 28 oz/sy PVC coated polyester membrane to show the buildings fire safety advantages. The overall message from the test was that Rubb membrane fabric will not propagate flame or sustain combustion when exposed to a severe fire.


The test report also looked at fire sprinkler systems inside a Rubb building and its performance and ability of the structure to self-vent. In the case of an actual fire the fabric cladding cover melts away from the flame or heat source allowing heat and smoke to escape the structure. This lowers the risk for people within the building and for fire fighting personnel. It also helps avoid the risk of structural collapse which can occur in other types of construction. Read the full report below and view our fire video for more information on Rubb fire safety.





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