Rubb refurbishes 25 EFASS for MoD’s Op Regain

Rubb UK is assisting the MoD with Operation Regain, an effort to consolidate all MoD assets which are spread across the globe. 

Where necessary, these assets will be refurbished and updated to current specifications before being redeployed. That’s where Rubb comes in.

Twenty-five 20.4m span x 30m length EFASS will be delivered to Rubb for refurbishment. Delivery complications are avoided, as Rubb’s 20.4m EFASS range can be easily dismantled and each one packed inside a single 20ft ISO container for shipping. This is especially impressive when considering the trident doors to the gable ends of each hangar.

Once on site, Rubb will refurbish the hangars and bring them up to 2020 specifications—electrical regulations, for example, have changed since their original construction and will be upgraded to Zone 1 electrics.

Rubb Sales Manager Andy Knox commented: “There are numerous EFASS military shelters deployed around the world. Many will be returned to the UK to undergo refurbishment work to bring them back up to A1 (new) condition. The modular nature of the EFASS means that the aluminium framing system, steel components and PVC covers can be reused to create a variety of configurations to suite changing requirements. A typical refurbishment to bring the building back to ‘good as new’ will cost less than 20% of the cost of a new hangar.”

Many of these hangars are from the fifty-two EFASS structures which were supplied to the RAF in 2002, the initial launch of the range. For up to 20% of their original cost these hangars are given new life in 2020, after 18 years in the field.

In 2002, most of these hangars were used for Tornado aircraft storage. Once refurbished and brought up to 2020 specifications, they will be utilised to house the RAF’s newest F35 jets.

After almost 20 years, the EFASS range continues to be the flagship for Rubb’s excellence in engineering, and a symbol of our continued relationship with the MoD.

Rubb Managing Director Ian Hindmoor said: “We are always looking for ways to add value to the products and services we provide. This process is an excellent example of adding value to the ways in which we can help our client base. Our customer care goes beyond just one sale and into aftercare commitment, maintenance, delivery of improved solutions to existing and changing requirements and a dependable system of ongoing R&D and engineering in the fabric building industry. We take care of your building investment for you, prolonging the life of your EFASS and providing savings on long term costs.”