Rubb returns to Dundee Airport

In 1999 Rubb UK completed construction of an aircraft hangar for Scot Airways, now known as Loganair Ltd, at Dundee Airport, Scotland. Almost 16 years later it is still going strong.

Measuring 27m x 30m, the aircraft hangar features Rubb’s durable hot dip galvanized steel frame covered with a flame retardant, high tenacity, PVC coated polyester fabric, which has a life expectancy of at least 30 years. Rubb was responsible for the design, manufacture, assembly and all mechanical systems relating to the Dundee project.

The Rubb BVE type aviation building provides 810sq m for storage and MRO activities at Dundee Airport.

Dundee Airport is a licensed airfield open for scheduled, private and charter operators and is situated five minutes from Dundee City Centre. The airport is equipped to handle various sizes of aircraft.

Operations teams also handle many flights, from the onsite flight training school to the scheduled services and the private operators using business and leisure jets.

We revisited this project at Dundee, one of Rubb’s flagship aircraft hangars, to find out how it has been performing over the last 16 years and about the long-term advantages of choosing a Rubb aviation building solution.

We spoke to Airport Manager Derrick Lang to find out more…

How has the building performed over its sixteen-year history?

The building has performed very well since being installed. With our location being on an exposed airfield it has proved to be a very durable product within the environment.

What has it been used for?

It has been used for an aircraft engineering hangar facility operated by Loganair.

How often is the building used?

The building has been pretty much in use 24/7 for the last 15 years.

How are the materials (steel, PVC) standing up to the environment and elements?

The structure is standing up really well. I understand that the PVC has had one repair completed since installation, this was after a severe gale.

As clients what would you say are the benefits of a Rubb building?

The Rubb building has been very durable, economic and pretty low maintenance, which is of great benefit to the airfield environment.

Does it provide any revenue for your organisation?

Yes from a ground lease with the occupier.

Do you have any comments on after sales service?

Anytime we have dealt with Rubb on issues, we have always been provided with good support and advice.

How would you rate the overall performance of your Rubb building to date?

The performance has been excellent.

What does the future hold for Dundee Airport and its Rubb building?

Dundee Airport continues to provide a gateway into central Scotland for all manners of flights from training, schedules and private aircraft. The Rubb building continues to be used for servicing a fleet of aircraft for Loganair and this will hopefully continue for years to come.