Rubb ‘right-hand man’ retires after 32 years

A dedicated manufacturing supervisor has retired after more than three decades working at Rubb Buildings Ltd.

Phil Watson, 65, from Washington, began working at the company in 1985, when he started out as a fabrication fitter-welder. Before Rubb, Phil worked in manufacturing from the age of 15, for a number companies. After a few temporary placements at Rubb, Phil was commended for his positive attitude and workmanship skills and was offered a permanent position.

From 1987 to 1999, Phil worked alongside other long-serving members of the Rubb Production staff, fabricating steelwork frames for many stand-out flagship projects which were to become key events in Rubb’s History. These included fabric building projects for Swan Hunters, Tilbury docks, Port of Cardiff and Iveco.

In 1999 Rubb started research and development work on a new lightweight military hangar concept for the RAF. Phil was a part of the team which spearheaded this project, and has since directed and supervised the packing, dispatch and refurbishment of the EFASS (Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System) range.

From the first order for 52 hangars for the MoD in 2002, until his retirement in 2017, Phil has played an integral part in the success of the EFASS hangar system for many clients around the world. Over this time, Phil built up great knowledge of the hangar range and has always shared this with his team to make sure that all orders are accurate for Rubb Military clients.

Phil commented on his 32 years at Rubb: “What a great bunch of people, who rally together to get the job done. Over the years, we have been busy and everyone has been under pressure, but everyone gets on well and it has been a great place to work. We all have a great laugh and support each other on all projects. Rubb Buildings is a place where you stay for a long period of time. Everyone around me has been here with me since day one. Friends I will now have for a lifetime.”

After his retirement Phil plans to: “Take the grandchildren to school, enjoy nice walks with the dog, complete the odd jobs around the house and most importantly, relax with my wife and have a bit of me time”.

Michael Halpin, Manufacturing Production Manager, said: “I have known Phil for 32 years. You couldn’t meet a better person with a great attitude and very hard working, nothing was ever a problem. Eleven years ago, I became Manufacturing Production Manager and Phil has been my right-hand man. I have never had to worry about the running of the EFASS hangar system. He has had it under control. A wealth of EFASS and Rubb knowledge, that he has passed on to everyone. He will be a great miss, enjoy your retirement.”

Ian Hindmoor, Rubb Managing Director added: “On behalf of everyone involved at Rubb Buildings Ltd, I would like to extend our gratitude to Phil for his hard work and dedicated commitment, and we wish him, and his family a very happy and well earned retirement.”