Rubb Service

Quality Management & Preventative Maintenance

Rubb Buildings Ltd is proud to provide the best lifecycle value building solutions on the market. Rubb buildings have a track record of lasting more than 40 years with minimal issues. We now offer a first class Service Department to help our customers manage and further enhance the lifecycle value of their Rubb structures.

Rubb service emergency care

Responsive Care Service

Rubb can offer a service where a building repair technician will travel to your location in response to an urgent service requirement

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Rubb building being serviced

Rubb Service Plan

Rubb Buildings Ltd can offer a Service Package on all structures to help you protect your long term fabric building investment

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building cleaning service

Rubb Cleaning

Rubb can provide a professional building cleaning service. This service aims to refresh your facility, increasing the building’s life-cycle

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Rubb building accessories

Building Improvements

Keep your Rubb building up to date with our improvement, upgrade and modernisation service, featuring anything from accessories to building modifications

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Rubb structure in construction

Re-sheet Service

For less than the cost of a new building, existing structures can be given a new lease of life decades after purchase.

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Relocation Service

Rubb buildings are easily relocatable with minimal loss of materials.

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