Service Plan


The best way to protect your investment for the long term


As you’ve invested in a Rubb Building System, we wish to ensure your building remains fit for use and continues to fulfil your requirements. However, without ongoing maintenance checks and minor repairs, your building can become compromised, resulting in both performance, reliability and in some instances safety issues, that can become costly if not addressed in a timely manner.


A Rubb Service Plan provides an ongoing commitment, to ensure your asset remains in prime condition throughout its deployed or installed life cycle.



A Rubb Buildings Service Plan inspection will comprise of the following:


  • Priority call-out service within 48 hours for emergencies, when required
  • Annual inspection
  • Full property inspection
  • Undertake routine maintenance tasks
  • Detailed property report (preventive maintenance)
  • Discount on labour, parts and materials (up to 20%)
  • Discount on all plant and machinery (up to 20%)



Frequently Asked Questions


How many service appointments will I receive per annum?

One service appointment per annum is allowed




Can I take out a Service Plan if the Rubb Building is located outside of Great Britain?

We will take your location into consideration when setting premiums for your Rubb Service Plan




What is classed as a minor repair?

Repair of a holes or tears in the PVC. Replacement of missing or broken small component items that can be carried out on the same day.




Can I take out a Rubb Service Plan on my new Rubb Building?

Yes, we offer 5, 10 and 20-year Service Plans on all new builds, giving you peace of mind while leaving the maintenance to the Rubb professionals




Do you include plant and machinery within the service plan premium?

Any plant required would be at an additional cost outside of your Rubb Service Plan, but at discounted rates




What type of things will the engineer do on a site visit?

We will visually inspect all aspects of the building, re-tension and carry out minor repairs where required, thus ensuring maximum building performance, which will help to extend the life cycle of the building and protect your valuable asset




Do you cover the inspection of HVAC and electrical services under the Rubb Service Plan?

No assessment will be undertaken by our engineer, however we can facilitate an assessment and repairs where required through our experienced sub-contractor network of experienced engineers, who are experts in dealing with the full range of Rubb buildings



For more information about the benefits of the Rubb Service Agreement please call +44 (0)191 482 2211 or info@rubb.co.uk