Rubb set to support schools’ social distancing buildings

When students across the country returned to school after months of online classes, they found their school-life very different to when they left. 

Tape divides the hallways, desks are two metres apart, and classes are halved into bubbles of 15 students. This is a strange time for students. But with a planned and measured response from school management, their return to school in September can proceed smoothly and efficiently.

The right facilities are essential for this.

With classrooms at half capacity, socially distanced cafeterias, and exam halls needing to be rethought, additional space will be vital for schools across the country.

Traditional extensions are both expensive and time consuming, especially when it comes to educational management and its many considerations. Rubb strikes the perfect balance between temporary and permanent structures; easily relocatable with potential for resale, while also being high-quality, sturdy constructions.

Rubb’s social distancing shelters have the advantage of being quickly and efficiently erected, making them the ideal solution for schools. Rubb’s buildings are perfectly positioned to provide solutions for temporary classrooms, cafeterias, exam halls, sport facilities, and sheltered walkways.

Speed is not the only advantage when it comes to Rubb’s social distancing solutions. They are designed with building regulations and cost-effectiveness in mind and can also be further enhanced with many customisable features such as LED lighting, partitions, electrical power outlets, HVAC options, and Thermohall® insulation.

Those that opt to use single-layer white PVC can enjoy a translucent roof which allows sunlight to illuminate the interior. This bright working environment can save on lighting costs and provide a naturally lit space for students.

Despite their speed of erection, high-quality, and cost-effectiveness, the modular and flexible nature of Rubb structures is perhaps their most impressive feature. The ability to relocate, extend, and even pack up and resell the building is often the deciding factor that leads to schools choosing Rubb, as it sidesteps the risk and expense of traditional structures.

In these rapidly changing times, Rubb’s custom social distancing solutions are flexible enough to meet any requirements our clients may need as they continue to adapt to government guidelines.