Rubb stands with Ukraine

Rubb counts many Ukrainians among its valued employees.

As a Group, with manufacturing locations around the globe including Poland, we would like to offer our heartfelt sympathy for this unprovoked assault on their homeland.

Rubb’s corporate parent, Zurhaar AS, have offered a lump sum donation to all Ukrainian employees in Rubb Poland to aid everyday life and facilitate the relocation of family. This cannot begin to repair the trauma caused to Ukraine, but we hope it will go some way to make these difficult times more bearable.

As of March 9th 2022, most of our Ukrainian employees’ close family members have been safely relocated to Poland or are on their way. We are incredibly proud of Rubb Poland’s humanitarian effort in this, which includes sending company cars to carry refugees to safety.

Rubb Poland is not alone in their efforts, as Rubb Norway’s Managing Director, Erik Storhaug, is personally bringing a family of five from Poland to Norway today, with the youngest members being just 3 and 5 years old.

We stand with Ukraine in this painful time and will always defend their right of sovereignty.

Please consider donating to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.