f35 lakenheath


Infrastructure construction has begun at British Royal Air Force (RAF) Lakenheath to prepare for the arrival of US Air Force F-35 aircraft in late 2021.


The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has announced that the site will include the development of a flight simulator facility, a maintenance unit, and new hangars and storage facilities.


As part of supporting the development, Rubb is providing two structures to the base this year.


The first is a 20m x 40m BVR type structure, which will support operations relating to the construction of the new purpose-built facility for the F-35s.


The second structure is a 12m x 32m BVR, which will be used as a vehicle inspection check point due to increased traffic at the site.


The Kier VolkerFitzpatrick joint venture will provide 700 on site jobs and is also expected to greatly benefit the local economy. During the first 6 months of the project, 6 apprentices were taken on. This is just one aspect of DIO’s work to ensure all employment and training opportunities are fully taken advantage of, with hopes to continue this well after construction ends.


DIO USVF Programme Director, Keith Maddison commented: “The infrastructure being delivered will benefit the local economy by providing a range of training and employment opportunities as well as demonstrating our long and proud history of supporting US Air Force capability in the UK.”


In March of this year, 18 buildings on the site were demolished. Their materials have been used to undertake supporting infrastructure work on the site, speaking to the sustainability of the project.


RAF Lakenheath will be the first permanent site for the USAF F-35 aircraft in Europe and will accommodate two squadrons. The infrastructure project is part of USAF plans to invest $1 billion into the UK over the next 7-10 years. 


Work is set to be completed in late 2021.