Rubb UK & Cocoon, Inc. to supply trio of EFASS hangars to U.S. DoD

Rubb UK has secured an order for one 20.4m and two 25m-span EFASS deployable hangars.

The 20.4m-span EFASS measures 28m long, and features two 5m x 5m roller shutter doors for easy access. Meanwhile, the two 25m-span hangars are 36m long and are each equipped with two Heli-Doors—one to each gable. This unique configuration will allow uninterrupted access through the hangars and onto the runway.

All hangars will be provided with US Standard Safe-Area Electrical Kits and come packed in four 20ft containers per EFASS.

Cocoon, Inc., Rubb USA’s longstanding partner for all things military, has facilitated this order from Rubb UK. Cocoon does business globally with all branches of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and Foreign Military allies. They specialise in products and services that protect military assets from the elements and reduce corrosion for the purpose of increasing readiness, decreasing costs, and extending asset lifecycles.

This project represents another important milestone in Rubb’s relationship with Cocoon, Inc., and we are delighted to supply three additional EFASS hangars to the US Department of Defence. The EFASS range plays an integral part in protecting military assets, and we are delighted to have been chosen for this project.

Military Lead, Rubb UK
Adam Bowery