Sustainable Systems

Rubb UK strives to ensure that our structures are fully reusable across the sectors we serve. We are also working on achieving 100 per cent recyclability for all materials used.


Rubb facilities, temporary or permanent, can be relocated, adapted, expanded or dismantled and stored for future operations to suit changing logistical needs. They can also be sold to new users if no longer required by the existing owners. Rubb UK offers full refurbishment and recertification services.


If necessary materials used in the structure construction can be disposed of or recycled in a manner with respect to the environment. No materials from Rubb structures are considered to create any toxic or hazardous waste. Steel can be recycled through various means and PVC can be recycled through Texyloop®, which is the Serge Ferrari operational recycling chain.



material recycling




Texyloop® Recycling


Rubb Buildings Ltd is in the loop when it comes to supporting a European environmental initiative to recycle PVC.


We were approached by our fabric supplier Serge Ferrari, located in Lyon, France, with a proposal to support the Texyloop® process. This specialist green project allows companies that use technical textiles to recycle worn materials and cutting waste, preventing the need for incineration or landfill disposal. The procedure also helps avoid further extraction of raw materials from the Earth.


Rubb Buildings Ltd Managing Director Ian Hindmoor visited the Ferrari manufacturing facility in France. He viewed the material breakdown process there and learned about how the materials were then sent on to the recycling facilities in Italy. He was impressed with this process and the resulting new materials generated through this process.


Ian said: “This process shows just how recyclable the materials used to create Rubb buildings really are. Rubb is dedicated to implementing a sustainable approach to our manufacturing processes and reducing our impact on the environment.” Rubb UK is responsible for collection of scrap and unserviceable fabric material in Gateshead for shipment to Europe.


For more information visit www.texyloop.com