Rubb welcomes new CEO Rune Vamråk

Rune Vamråk is set to help strengthen the foundations at Rubb in his new role as Chief Executive Officer of the group.

He was selected for the role at Rubb Group A/S after completing an Advanced Business Management Program at Harvard Business School. He had previously been responsible for establishing EWOS Vietnam as the newest member of the EWOS group. EWOS is a leading supplier of feed and nutrition for the international aquaculture industry. The company started producing fish feed in 1935 and operates in Vietnam, Norway, Chile, Canada and Scotland.

Rune, from Lillehammer, Norway, spent two-and-a-half years as Managing Director of EWOS Vietnam establishing a new factory in the heart of the Mekong Delta, producing feed for tropical fish.

With degrees in engineering and business and a Masters in Management, Rune brings a wealth of experience to the table. He has also built up a strong portfolio of other business achievements working for EWOS Norway, Fabric manufacturer Gudbrandsdølen Uldvarefabrik A/S and Fjord Seafood ASA. He served with the Norwegian armed forces and worked within the Army Material Command. He ranked as Lieutenant Colonel before his departure in 1999.

Rune said: “There are lots of strengths at Rubb UK, Rubb Norway and Rubb Inc (USA) and I want to enhance the cooperation between these organisations and our global sales representatives, plus a vast network of sub-suppliers. Rubb is in an excellent position to deliver solutions to our customers. My focus will be on collaboration between all the good people in our company and on what is important for the customer, with a combined effort throughout the group.

“I want to learn about the people, processes and values. This is a hard working group of people who are very knowledgable in each of their fields. This is a very good starting point. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead. We are in a good position; everyone talks about Rubb and knows who we are. We have the people, facilities and the quality to succeed and meet our targets.”

Ian Hindmoor, Rubb UK Managing Director, said: “We welcome Rune to the Rubb Group and look forward to working with him and our global Rubb colleagues on the new projects that lie ahead.”

Born in Bergen, Norway, Rune is married and has three sons aged 30, 28 and 20, a grandson aged three and a grandaughter aged one.