Rubbhall AS to deliver second building to mining company Larvikittblokka

Last year, Rubbhall AS delivered a sound-insulating hall specially adapted for wire sawing stone to Larvikittblokka and Klåstad quarry in Larvik. Now, another hall will soon be in place that further facilitates the production of the block stone for large parts of Norway—and it will be one of Rubbhall’s most spectacular halls.

The 27.1m span by 65.6m long building will have a floor area of ​​1,770 square meters, with over 10m of free height under the roof.

“We want the hall to be large and spacious so that we can do all the work we have to do in the best possible way,” says General Manager of Larvikittblokka, Jan Henrik Hansen.

“This will be one of the most challenging halls we have ever delivered,” says Øyvind Kristiansen, Key Account Manager at Rubbhall Norway.

“The hall has so many functional solutions —even an integrated water collection and gutter system in the floor. The hall will be large, with enough space for everything the customer needs to make their production easier.”

Øyvind has been working on the project for a while and is satisfied with how the planning has gone. “Here the customer will get a super hall. As the 3D film shows, it will be specially adapted to meet the customer’s needs, for example 10 gates and 4 doors are planned in the hall. And a 40-tonne overhead crane has been set up on the roof.”

In Autumn 2021, Larvikittblokka increased its production capacity. Their stone wire sawing operations required a production hall that was both sound-insulating and temperature-regulating. Through Rubb’s Thermohall® insulation solution, they received just that.

Now they need to expand.

We have invested in new machines and equipment for the production of Larvikittblokka, including a new stone breaker that can break blocks from 20 to 50cm. With this second production hall, Rubbhall AS was again the natural choice for us. We are so satisfied with the previous hall, so there was never any doubt about who would deliver the next one.

General Manager, Larvikittblokka
Jan Henrik Hansen

Larvikite is Norway’s national stone. The larvikite block can be used for many things, and is often used for marine projects such as breakwaters, wharves, quay fronts, and quay facilities. On land, the blocks are often used as retaining walls in road, track, and park projects. The stone blocks can also be used for flood and public protection. In Larvik, Larvikittblokka has production in two quarries: Klåstad and Tvedalen.

“When we got our previous Rubbhall, the collaboration worked very well. We therefore chose Rubbhall for this project as well, and can warmly recommend Rubbhall to others. The collaboration and planning goes seamlessly, the assembly team is skilled, and the quality of the halls is top notch. We can without a doubt recommend anyone who is concerned with good quality and functional solutions to choose Rubbhall as their next production hall,” concludes a satisfied Jan Henrik Hansen.

Some facts about the new building

  • 1770m2 floor area
  • Over 10m free height under the roof
  • 100mm Thermohall® insulated walls
  • 10 roller shutter doors
  • 4 access doors
  • 6 large windows
  • 3 single saws, 1 multi-wire saw, 1 rock breaker, treatment plant
  • Integrated water collection and gutter system in the floor
  • LED lighting
  • Air mixers
  • 40 tonne overhead crane

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