Rubb’s checkpoint structures provide border control solutions

Checkpoints are vital for ensuring the safe and legitimate passage of goods, vehicles, and people through borders of all kinds the world over. Recent events have shown how quickly border requirements can change, so it is essential for checkpoint structures to be able to match this pace in these uncertain times. 


Rubb checkpoint solutions are rapidly deployable, flexible, and durable. Based on our range of EFASS fabric structures deployed by militaries across the globe, Rubb’s checkpoint structures are highly engineered to suit any situation.   


Rubb have previously supplied checkpoint structures to organisations such as Groupe Eurotunnel SE—operators of the Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France—who required a sunshade car port facility to form part of their infrastructure development at their UK Terminal in Folkestone. 


They chose Rubb to design, manufacture and construct the 20.4m wide x 16m long sunshade, which features an aluminium framework and is clad with a durable, white PVC coated tensile fabric, terminating at eaves level. 


The project was completed in a very short timeframe, as Rubb was able to utilise the strengths of the EFASS deployable range of fabric structures to complete the project within four weeks, from enquiry to installation. 

military sunshades


Along with the benefit of rapid deployment is the advantage of quick packing, repacking, and fast track transportation which enables our structures to get where they need to be, when they need to be. 


Robust and flexible checkpoint solutions are essential for securing the safety of the goods that pass through them and the integrity of the border’s infrastructure as a whole. With the perfect combination of durability and relocatabilityRubb’s checkpoint structures are a wise investment for any border organisation.