Rubb’s solution for supermarkets’ COVID-19 challenges

The past few months have been difficult for supermarkets, as they met the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supermarkets may be looking to increases their stock to avoid shortages with potential disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many supermarkets have introduced the requirement of one shopper per household. The possibility of having to queue in combination with the UK’s winter weather will be an unhappy prospect for many shoppers.

As supermarkets meet COVID secure guidelines, social distancing measures are in place behind the scenes as well as on the shop floor. Extra space may be required to expand break rooms so staff can effectively socially distance from each another, whilst still providing comfort.

The solution to each of these problems may lie with Rubb’s THA shelters, which can provide some much needed relief for supermarkets.

Rubb THA's

The adaptable fabric shelter range can meet every supermarket challenge: extra storage for stock, covered queueing areas for customers, and insulated break rooms for staff.

The fabric shelter range features robust industrial structure and portable temporary shelters to suit your construction, manufacturing and storage requirements. Rubb THA shelters can be used as either temporary or permanent site buildings, making them a great storage solution for the Christmas period. All shelters are easy to erect on tarmac by either your own labour force, a Rubb construction team or a Rubb adviser together with your own labour.

Rubb fabric shelters can be quickly designed, manufactured and constructed to suit clients’ needs, available space and site restrictions. The rapid and easy installation of this efficient storage solution ensures minimum disruption, which is essential for busy supermarkets.

The structural steelwork is hot dip galvanized to protect against corrosion, and the covering membrane is fabricated from high tenacity PVC polyester fabric, which is flame retardant and tensioned over the frame. The roof material is typically translucent white to allow natural light inside, and the walls are available in a variety of colours. THA structures are liftable, moveable and extendable – the perfect answer to ever changing needs.

The structures are insulated with Thermohall®, which offers great energy savings and is environmentally friendly, both in fabrication and operation.

We also offer a wide and flexible range of rental buildings and agreements to suit the different needs and operations of our clients.

To find out more, contact our team today and discover the Rubb solution.