Rubb’s solution for the UK’s booming film production industry

Over the last few years, the United Kingdom has seen its film production industry flourish.

Each year has topped the last, with both international and homegrown productions behind this surge in investment. In 2019, the UK’s film production industry generated £1.95 billion, 17% more than 2018’s £1.84 billion—the second highest figure since these statistics were first recorded.  

There is no doubt the UK’s 25% Film Tax Relief has played a huge part in attracting Hollywood to our shores, creating a world-class, booming film industry which shows no signs of slowing down. This is especially true with 2020’s huge surge in streaming platforms; each one eager for their own must-see show to attract subscribers and dominate water-cooler discussions the world over.  

But as the UK’s film production industry continues to grow at an astounding pace, production companies are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the demand. This is especially true when it comes to building production facilities, which is proving to be a roadblock for many companies. With traditional structures this can be a long and expensive process that often leads to unnecessary delays and missed opportunities  

Rubb’s membrane tensioned structures have the advantage of being quickly and efficiently erected, making them the ideal solution for the UK film industry’s growing painsRubb’s buildings are perfectly positioned to provide solutions for production, sound stage, set storage, and fully powered workshop facilities. 

Speed is not the only advantage when it comes to Rubb’s structures. They are designed with building regulations and cost-effectiveness in mind and can also be further enhanced with many customisable features. Cladding options, door systems, groundworks, HVAC packages, soundproofing, LED lighting, electrical power outlets, mechanical extraction systems, and extensive rigging capacity are all available to provide exact solutions for our clients.  

Rubb structures are designed to clients’ typical load requirements for the suspension of equipment. Typical designs meet requirements to a 1.5 kN uniform load, with point loads of up to 37 kN.

Despite their speed of erection, high-quality, and cost-effectiveness, the modular and flexible nature of Rubb structures is perhaps their most impressive feature. The ability to relocate, extend, and even pack up and sell the building is often the deciding factor that leads to companies choosing Rubb, as it sidesteps the risk and expense of traditional structures. 

Above are concept images for a building Rubb has designed to include both a soundstage (35m span) and an office (15m span), totalling a 50m span, 60m length, and 10-16m legs. This stunning design is complete with a curved roof and large windows to create a bright office environment.

Typical soundstage structures vary from 20,000 sqft to 35,000 sqft. This translates to a Rubb structure of 36m span x 50m length, with a 15m leg; and 52m span x 60m length, with an 18m leg, respectively.

Clear Span Partnership

Rubb has partnered with Clear Span to deliver film industry standard workshops and studio sound stages. Clear Span has provided many workshops across many film studio sites and has built up a strong and reliable reputation in the industry. Meanwhile Rubb’s long-established experience of completing multiple span, large scale hangar projects ensures that any studio structure shape, size and specification can be met to suit the end users’ requirements.

As leading providers of steel and aluminium frame buildings, Rubb and Clear Span can provide a range of temporary and permanent solutions for a broad range of production, set storage and fully powered workshop facilities.