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Building upgrades and extensions

Modernising, upgrading, and extending your Rubb building to meet your changing requirements.


Rubb buildings grow with your business

Rubb’s modular design means it’s easy to both extend the building’s footprint and install substantial upgrades to modify their usage and meet your new on-site requirements.

Existing buildings can be expanded to any length, or floorspace can be doubled or tripled by erecting addition spans. Their working environments can be transformed by our Thermohall® insulation and LED lighting upgrades. New access requirements? Install new doors to your building’s sidewalls or attach the building to a traditional structure. The entire building can even be dismantled and moved to a new site.

Rubb buildings are always just as flexible as when we design them.

What we offer

We are always looking for new ways to make our building solutions more efficient and effective. Existing Rubb buildings can take advantage of these services.

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