Re-sheet service

Rubb’s re-sheet service revitalises decades-old buildings.


One of the main advantages of Rubb’s modular design is how quick and easy it is to re-sheet their PVC cladding.

These sheets bear the brunt of the building’s exposure to the elements, so many of our customers have taken advantage of Rubb’s re-sheet service after decades of use. In fact, the majority of Rubb’s re-sheet projects take place more than 30 years since their original construction.

Rubb understands the importance of protecting your investment. For less than the cost of a new building, our customers’ existing structures can be given a new lease of life to continue its use decades after purchase.

Many customers that choose to re-sheet their Rubb building also take the opportunity to extend or further enhance their structure with options such as Thermohall® insulationadditional doors, or upgraded lighting.

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