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Relocation service

Relocating Rubb buildings saves your operation valuable time and resources.


Move your Rubb building

Many organisations choose to relocate their existing Rubb buildings, as they are easily relocatable with minimal loss of materials.

Unlike traditional brick-built or steel-clad buildings, a Rubb structure can be dismantled, shipped, and erected without having to re-manufacture the cladding or framework.  The only components that need to be replaced are the structural anchor bolts and some miscellaneous hardware items.

This leads to great savings in both costs and lead time compared to manufacturing a new building, and also comes with several environmental benefits due to the structure’s reuse. Some of our clients relocate their Rubb building several times over its lifetime, further compounding the savings.

Many customers that choose to relocate their Rubb building also take the opportunity to extend or further enhance their structure with options such as Thermohall® insulationadditional doors, or upgraded lighting.

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Taking relocation to the extreme

The efficiency of Rubb’s relocation service was proven by Rubb’s ‘frequent flier’ which has been on a 32,000 mile journey to date.

The 13 year old building has been erected 4 times now, from coast-to-coast of the USA, Hawaii, and even Australia.

This 21m span x 25m long BVE structure has gone above and beyond to demonstrate the potential of Rubb’s relocation service, and is set to do so for many more years to come.

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