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Refurbished sales

Our used buildings represent great savings and are ready for install today.


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Ready to go

When a rental period is over or a customer’s requirements change, we collect their building and return it to our Gateshead HQ for refurbishment and resale.

Our refurbished fabric buildings and shelters offer all the durability and flexibility of a new structure at a reduced cost—perfect for businesses looking for cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Choosing a refurbished building isn’t just a smart financial decision—it’s a sustainable one. Each building we refurbish reduces waste and the demand for raw materials, furthering our commitment to sustainability.

Contact the Rubb team today to see what buildings we have in stock, and sign up to our newsletter for notifications of new refurbished buildings for sale.


We receive a variety of structures, so our stock can vary from week to week. Typically we refurbish THA shelters, EFASS hangars, and NV buildings. Tell us your requirements and we can check our stock for matches.

To receive a quote for our refurbished stock, please contact the Rubb team with your requirements.

Our buildings are dismantled and delivered to our Gateshead HQ where their frames are checked, sheets are cleaned or replaced, and electrics are tested or brought up to current spec if necessary. The buildings are then safely stored until purchase.

Yes. While the refurbished buildings are restricted to their manufactured spans, their length and door positions can be adapted to your site requirements. Additional length can be supplied as new or can make use of another refurbished building of the same span, depending on stock.

Yes. Our refurbished sales come with a 12 month warranty, which can be extended with our service plan.

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