Soccarena refitted to house North East’s first indoor padel facility

Image: Swinburne Maddison

The Soccarena football venue, constructed by Rubb UK in 2005, is set to transition to the North East’s first indoor padel facility.

Located at Belmont Business Park and operated by Infinite Durham, the 50m span x 130m long BVC facility been a mainstay in Durham’s football scene for almost two decades. Now, it’s preparing to welcome padel enthusiasts. Padel, a sport combining elements of tennis and squash, has been gaining popularity worldwide.

The space inside Soccarena, which covers 32,579 sq ft, will be transformed by True Padel Ltd. The company plans to set up nine padel courts. Additionally, a café bar will be added to serve drinks and snacks to visitors.

Austin Carney, Managing Director of the Infinite Durham complex, commented on the change, stating, “The development of the padel facility is a great fit with the environment we’ve tried to create at Soccarena. […] It is a very popular sport throughout the world and has a growing following in the UK, but as yet, there are no facilities in this part of the world, so we are proud to be the first activity park to introduce it.”

Infinite Durham will continue to operate its outdoor football pitches, as well as its trampoline park, Infinite Air, which was also constructed by Rubb UK.

Adam Carr from True Padel Ltd. also shared his views, “We are delighted to have secured the space at such an established sporting location and are keen to get the new padel facility open in early January 2024 – if all goes according to plan.”

With this change, Rubb UK’s Soccarena project will continue its legacy of serving the sports community in Durham, while demonstrating the adaptability and longevity of Rubb’s fabric buildings.

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