Storage shelter for subsea mining equipment

Soil Machine Dynamics needed a protective storage solution to contain sensitive underground mining equipment.

SMD is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialist work class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) used for subsea trenching, submerged mining and marine renewables. SMD develops new technologies, products and systems to enable customers to meet their goals.

One such project required an environmentally controlled storage facility to house machinery during sixteen months of testing before being transferred to a seabound vessel.

Rubb Buildings Ltd came up with a custom design facility to meet the client’s requirements. The storage structure measures 6m wide x 30m long with 4.5m high sidewalls. The storage structure includes Rubb’s traditional galvanized internal steel frame clad PVC to provide blue walls and a white translucent roof. A dehumidifier was installed to control the internal environment. Rubb provided lighting to Lux level 211-243 and an emergency lighting system.

Each gable features a 3m wide x 4m high roller shutter door with two gable and one sidewall pedestrian doors completing the facility.

Sales Executive Grant Davidson said: “The flexibility of Rubb storage buildings was demonstrated when the building framework was partially constructed to allow additional equipment to be lifted inside the building’s internal space. The steel framework was then completed and clad with the PVC according to the client’s requirements.”