Supporting businesses with sustainable storage solutions

Over recent years, concerns over the environment have become more wide spread.

In a March 2021 Savills UK report,  26% of people consider the environment the most important issue facing the country, placing it fourth behind the economy, health and leaving the EU.

This may be due to the ever-encroaching goal to reach net zero carbon by 2050 set by the UK government, however there’s still a lot of work to be done.

The regulations surrounding emissions are causing companies to look closer to their buildings and warehouse solutions.

A Savills survey of logistics occupiers found that ‘green/sustainability features’ have climbed from 11th to 6th most important warehouse feature.

Rubb Buildings’ sustainable warehouses and storage solutions are positioned as the perfect solution for environment-conscious businesses, as sustainability has long been part of Rubb’s ethos.


Aerial shot of Rubb warehouse storage buildings

Rubb storage steel framed modular warehouses can be easily converted, adapted or relocated to store additional products, providing a more flexible storage solution that reduces the need for construction of additional buildings.

Rubb facilities—temporary or permanent—can be relocated, adapted, expanded or dismantled and stored for future operations to suit changing logistical needs. They can also be sold to new users if no longer required by the existing owners. Rubb UK offers full refurbishment and recertification services to protect your investment for many years to come.

Rubb strives to ensure that our structures are fully reusable across the sectors we serve. We are also working on achieving 100% recyclability for all materials used.

If necessary, materials used in the structure construction can be disposed of or recycled in a manner with respect to the environment. No materials from Rubb structures are considered to create any toxic or hazardous waste. Steel can be recycled through various means and the PVC sheets can be recycled through Serge Ferrari’s recycling scheme.

Ian Hindmoor, Rubb UK Managing Director said: “This process shows just how recyclable the materials used to create Rubb buildings really are. Rubb is dedicated to implementing a sustainable approach to our manufacturing processes and reducing our impact on the environment.” Rubb UK is responsible for collection of scrap and unserviceable fabric material in Gateshead for shipment to Europe.

dundee port storage warehouse

Translucent PVC cladding allows natural daylight to illuminate the storage space reducing energy required for lighting, while the white roof surface reflects heat. Optional Thermohall® insulation minimises heat transfer, prevents condensation and virtually eliminates thermal bridging and air infiltration to save on heating and air conditioning costs. Both options can save big on energy bills, reducing your carbon footprint.

Contact the Rubb team today to learn how we can support your business’ environmental goals as we work our way to 2050.