Supporting the reopening of outdoor hospitality

On the 22nd of February the Prime Minister published a roadmap for easing the lockdown restrictions, setting out that hospitality venues will be potentially allowed to serve people outdoors on April 12th.

It has also been announced that the government are also continuing to support local communities hold popular outdoor events like summer fairs, car-boot sales, and markets, without the need for planning permission.

This includes increasing the number of days allowed for such temporary events from 28 to 56, until 31 December 2021.

The government have also introduced a new temporary right, extended to March 2022, that allows local authorities, either by themselves or by others on their behalf, to use land to hold a market without having to apply for planning permission.

Rubb can support the hospitality industry with the re-opening of outdoor events with our fabric buildings. Rubb can provide permanent, semi-permanent or temporary relocatable buildings. 

Tensile fabric structures can be easily modified, extended or relocated providing ideal solutions for all industries that seek flexible options. 

Translucent roof membrane allows natural light into the building saving energy and providing a pleasant, safe and multi-use environment. Natural light also reduces condensation.

Rubb fabric structures provide many flexible design options that can be customised to fit your needs.

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